Gabart Completes 851 Miles In A Day

The French solo sailor Francois Gabart has set a new solo speed record as he clocked 851 miles in a day on his 98 feet triman MACIF. Gabart achieved this feat in the South Atlantic and he is on a tour to break the round the world record for a solo sailor in his triman MACIF.


He has covered 851 miles and this equated to an average speed of 35.4 knots during the day and the night. This new feat by Gabart has toppled the earlier record set by him on the same boat in July 2016. That time, he sailed over the North Atlantic. Gabart has been showing a marked improvement in his sailing every single day. He clocked 818 miles prior to setting the record of 851 miles and before that he had only done 784 miles.

The all-time sail record in a day is 907.9 miles and this was set by Banque Populaire V in 2009. He had 11 crew members to assist him in this unique feat. The uniqueness of Gabart’s achievement is that he has done it on the Atlantic leg of his round the world record attempt. Gabart’s around the world journey started on November 4th from Brest and he was able to reach the Equator in a matter of 6 days.

His solo sailing trip is not a free flowing one as he had to face many challenges during his sailing so far. He has done some repair works to the furling drum and he has also captured his repair and sailing ventures on his camera.

Gabart said that he was delighted to have achieved this feat. The records are set to be broken. He is very happy with his boat and says that the speed of the boat has really thrilled him. Gabart said that his main aim is to finish the round the world attempt successfully.

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