Millennium 80 HT New From Otam

The new Millennium 80 Mystere of Otam is the latest and new model of Millennium line. It is a sleek 80-foot that surged past the wind of 48 knots in its first trial at sea. Otam has already ventured into the category of super yacht with its launch of the ‘Custom Range 115-foot Gipsy’ in the last year. However, the builder did not lose its focus from its go-fast luxury yachts. The Mystere, with its low-riding hardtop and sleek hull, has deceptively simple profile. It has no curves or designs that elaborate exterior to convey its speed. At the looks and performance all that it seems is the yacht just looks fast.

Otam has the tendency that it modifies its boats all ranges heavily with an objective that they remains often closer to custom. On Mystere, the Otam has used all its experience and skills, instead of using conventional quadruple engines in the boat, the owner has opted twin MTU M94 engines. It produces 2,600 HP that gives it the efficiency of surface-piercing drives and it can move faster and comfortably at 48-knot winds. The presence of fewer engines offered another benefit to the boat; it created more space inside, letting Otam to design suites for two owners instead of one, along with a cabin for VIP, in the bow area two crew cabins and separate galley.

The interior of the yacht is modern as natural teak floors work is done in the interior of the yacht; the carpeting is made of cashmere and silk. This makes the finish and fit of the yacht impeccable.

The new range of Otam has everything to please the owners and becomes an inspiration for others. More information about this yacht can be collected from the website of the developer.

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